Failed with the One Hundred Push-Ups Program

A few months ago on the Web I came across the One Hundred Push-Ups Program. I was quite excited about it and decided to try it.First, a bit background about my physical condition: I’m 36 yo, 176 cm, about 62 kg. In August 2011 I started training taebo regularly (3-4 times a week), and also doing pushups and pullups 3-4 days a week. This way I managed to stop my belly fat from growing, practically returned it to its usual state it had before 🙂 . My belly six-pack kind of outlined, and I got some bigger triceps and chest muscles than before. This returned my perception to my own body to the zone of comfort I prefer it to be.

Yet I wanted to do something more about my chest muscles. My pushups so far seem to have reached a saturation with no further progress. I wanted to achieve more.

So I did the entrance test of the program.

The program consists of 6 weeks, with 3 training days per week. It has 3 parallel tracks. You pick a track depending on your initial test result, and at some points you do progress test to switch to another track.

My initial test sent me to start off with the middle track of Week 3. I did it, and the week 3 went smoothly — I was able to perform the sets and felt fine.

Then I wasn’t able to cope with the day 1 of week 4 and decided to repeat it again and again until I manage to fit in the required sets and reps. I played day 1 of week 4 in the course of 3 weeks having kind of progress, but in the end of the third week I lost my state of mind and decided to close the program off.

Bellow is a screenshot of my onehundredpushups diary. To help you understand it: The reps cols denote the number of pushups I did in each set. The bold font reps numbers mean I fit in the requirement for the set. The regular font numbers mean I failed to fit in the requirement. The first week is a success (all is bold). The Day 1 of Week 4 required the reps in the Q column to reach 25, which it failed to do in 11 repetitions of this day for 3 weeks:

My onehundredpushups diary

The next thing I’m going to try is Rich Bryda’s Brute Force Push-Ups.


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